Copilot GPT Builder Alternative

Microsoft is killing off its consumer-facing version of its Copilot AI-service. This was first reported by Paul Thurrott here. Are you in need of building a customized chatbot fast? Then consider AI Hub Chatbots as a great Copilot GPT Builder alternative.

AI Hub Chatbots are an easy way to create good looking chatbots that can be easily configured and customized by feeding it a knowledge base. The knowledge base can be any unstructured data you like including excel files, PDFs, images and much more.

Read more about AI Hub Chatbots as a great Copilot GPT Builder Alternative in the recent blog announcing this new product.

Try Yourself

Or try it out yourself! To get started:

  1. Go to AI Hub ( and create a free account
  2. Click on Converse
  3. Add any documents, images, excel files to the knowledge base
  4. Click on Create Chatbot in the upper right corner
  5. It is now published as an App that you can share with friends


Examples of chatbots that people have built include underwriting assistants for insurers, rule guides for popular online games, explain an expense policy to employees, handbooks for product guidance, and much more. The opportunities are endless! In this Copilot GPT Builder Alternative, it is easy to provide some example prompts to give your users an idea of what to do. That way your product will feel even more complete.

What’s Next

Already, you can easily create a new chatbot from a knowledge source in just a few clicks – leveraging any unstructured content you have, and with a link you can share anywhere. In the near future, Instabase will also launch dedicated APIs for your created chatbots. This will allow you to embed your newly created chatbots in any experience you like. Sign up for the Instabase Newsletter to follow product updates.