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Have you ever had to dig through piles of product documentation to troubleshoot an issue you had or to support a customer? Or did you spend valuable time combing through policy guidelines while reviewing a submission? Did this process take way too long or did you have to wait for a business lead to answer your question? In today’s fast-paced business climate, accurate knowledge access from vast troves of unstructured data is crucial. With recent LLM advancements, many novelty chatbot products attempt to address this, but none meet the demanding requirements of sophisticated enterprises and government organizations. Instabase is excited to announce AI Hub Chatbots to enable the most demanding knowledge access scenarios, and is already being trusted for a use case in an air-gapped US government agency. AI Hub’ secure chatbots on unstructured data can be deployed in any environment, use any unstructured data, and be configured in minutes.

Getting insights you need about a product, policy, or references often means 15+ minutes combing through clunky wikis, or pinging a business lead for more information. As organizations grow, the complexity and volume of their knowledge bases increasingly reduce operational efficiency. Even the latest chatbot products are only able to help partially here – they struggle to answer complex queries, don’t provide detailed references to answers, or require you to upload your data into an untrusted environment over which you have little control.

Instabase’s AI Hub Chatbots enables the most demanding knowledge access scenarios by allowing users to deploy in any environment – including air gapped environments. The creation of chatbots is straightforward. Users simply upload their unstructured knowledge documents to create a chatbot which they can share easily in minutes. Our agent-based approach to generating responses and ability to provide references ensure that you get instant insights you can trust. Here’s an example of how AI Hub’s secure chatbots on unstructured data can provide instant detailed information when you need it in your workflows.

  1. Deployment anywhere: AI Hub chatbots can quickly be shared using various techniques ranging from links anyone can open for community users, in your secure multi-tenant SaaS organization, or even in air gapped on-prem environments using Instabase’s self-hosted InstaLLM model.
  2. Understanding all data: AI Hub can digitize, parse, and understand any unstructured data. You can simply upload your digital PDFs, pictures of handwritten notices, complex tables and forms, or even websites to configure a chatbot in minutes.
  3. Fine-grained references: AI Hub gives token-level references with confidence scores which allow you to verify responses with your source documents.
  4. Multi-step queries: AI Hub’s agent framework techniques allow chatbots to provide reliable insights backed by multi-step tasks like searching for information, extracting complex objects like tables and lists, using a calculator, critiquing its own answer, and recursively improving responses when they are incomplete.

With AI Hub Chatbots, business leads can now create chatbots from their unstructured knowledge base and share them with their teams instantly. This means instant insights are always at the fingertips of those who need them. Whether you are using our commercial product to share within your organization or you are a community user sharing a chatbot with your friends using a link, the process is seamless.

Consider the following scenarios:

  • Insurance Underwriting: Easily query “Which materials are allowed in earthquake zones” while reviewing a property.
  • Product Documentation: Easily query “How expensive is the car internet hotspot” as a customer or a support executive troubleshooting a question.
  • Employee: Instantly learn about “How much can I expense for a customer dinner” while planning an event
AI Hub can be deployed anywhere and take in any unstructured data

While these scenarios are illustrative, AI Hub Chatbots efficiently address a vast variety of knowledge access use cases. Whether you simply want to allow players of a board game to clarify rules from documentation, want to allow channel partners to find information about your products, or allow investment teams to find trends among past deals you have evaluated – AI Hub Chatbots is the solution for you.

AI Hub Chatbots seamlessly integrate with the wider AI Hub platform, enhancing its already powerful features. While Instabase AI Hub provides deep insights from available knowledge files, the new chatbot feature ensures that even if employees don’t have immediate access to these files, they can still obtain the information they need by simply asking the chatbot.

Ready to transform your team’s access to knowledge? Try out chatbots in our marketplace or create a chatbot to share with your organization. With AI Hub’s secure chatbots on unstructured data, instant, accurate insights are just a question away.

Empower your teams with accurate information

Seamlessly transform unstructured knowledge into interactive tools, and get instant insights.