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Boost productivity and enhance experiences with secure chatbots on unstructured data that turn any knowledge base into instant answers.

Secure Chatbots on unstructured data

Turn company knowledge into expert chatbots

Employees and customers spend too much time searching for answers to make the right decisions. Instabase AI Hub secure chatbots on unstructured data turn your company guidelines, documentation, and knowledge into expert chatbots, so you can unlock productivity, accelerate onboarding, and empower anyone to get the answers they need instantly.

Build your own chatbot in minutes

Employee Onboarding

Turn new hires into seasoned pros with HR, IT, and departmental policies and procedures all in one chatbot.

Customer Support

Instantly answer customer questions with chatbots that understand your policies, documentation, and support knowledge base.

Underwriting Assistance

Make better, faster underwriting decisions with answers to common and niche scenarios, grounded in your standards.

Product Documentation

Answer questions about your products with expertise driven by product documentation, manuals, and brochures.

Investment Analysis

Analyze data and get insights from the latest earnings reports, transcripts, and financial statements.


Understand the requirements of complex regulation in simple language.

Accurate answers, real impact

Stop wasting time on chatbots that don’t deliver. Our cutting-edge multi-step AI handles complex requests, reasoning across numerous sources with a relentless pursuit for quality. Get instant answers to niche underwriting scenarios, customer agreements, maintenance procedures, and much more.

Secure chatbots on unstructured data
Secure chatbots on unstructured data

Know more, solve more

Upgrade your chatbots with a vast knowledge base and an uncanny ability to understand all sorts of unstructured information. From PDFs and scans to spreadsheets and slides, Instabase understands institutional knowledge with pinpoint accuracy, referencing answers down to the last table cell.

Take our word and verify it too

See exactly how we answered each question to give confidence in the result. We’ll show you the sources and even highlight the text to make it easier. For more complex requests, you can browse the chain of reasoning to verify our approach at every turn.

Secure chatbots on unstructured data

Join thousands of users unlocking unstructured data with Instabase

Leverage the same AI application platform trusted by the world’s leading companies. Instabase works for everyone, from individual teams to the most highly regulated global enterprises.