What is AI Hub for Enterprise? Why AI Hub?

Since its launch, Instabase AI Hub has empowered companies of all sizes to harness the power of generative AI, instantly unlocking insights from a wide range of data sources—including documents, PDFs, images, emails, slides, and even handwriting. 

Today, we’re excited to introduce AI Hub for Enterprise, designed to help our customers tackle complex, real-world use cases at scale. From documents submitted for lending or onboarding to insurance claim processing, Instabase is at the forefront of helping leading companies automate document-heavy processes, make informed decisions, and derive valuable insights from their proprietary knowledge bases – all on AI Hub.

AI Hub for Enterprise is a purpose-built platform that leverages generative AI and other state-of-the art AI technologies to unlock insights from unstructured data. It is designed to operate with enterprise federation and governance in mind, ensuring that businesses can manage their data securely and efficiently. 

In addition to all the features currently available on the AI Hub platform, AI Hub for Enterprise offers several other critical features specifically designed to meet the needs of enterprise customers. These key features include:

Now with AI Hub Enterprise, organizations can: 

  • Deploy

Seamlessly deploy production-ready, end-to-end solutions that integrate data flow from upstream systems, process through custom or pre-built applications, trigger human review for data that needs validation, and automatically send data downstream.

  • Review Dashboard

Easily manage review tasks and correct inaccuracies in document extractions or reasoning prompts, ensuring data accuracy and reliability at scale. 

  • Review SLA

Configure service level agreements (SLA) to guarantee timely completion of reviews, enhancing workflow efficiency and customer satisfaction.

  • Workspace

Access all projects, conversations, deployments, and data sources in a unified Workspace. The All Workspace tab aggregates activities across all accessible workspaces for streamlined management.

  • Enhanced Services & Support

Benefit from dedicated technical support and customer service teams with priority response times, ensuring seamless operation and rapid resolution of issues.

  • Enterprise Security Measures

Enhance security with Single Sign-On (SSO) capabilities and deploy in your region of choice to meet data residency requirements, ensuring compliance and data protection.

  • Review Queues & Workflows (coming soon)

Efficiently manage groups of human reviewers, assign review and escalation tasks manually or automatically, and monitor and optimize review performance on AI Hub.

  • Advanced Analytics (coming soon)

Leverage comprehensive analytics and reporting tools to gain deeper insights into automation and review performance. Visualize and quantify the business impact, enabling data-driven decision-making.

  • Accuracy Tracking (coming soon)

Monitor and evaluate solution accuracy to ensure applications and deployments meet business requirements. 

Other advanced features that come with AI Hub for Enterprise include automatic document split & classification, advanced language recognition, and advanced classification validation. For a full list of features on AI Hub for Enterprise, please visit our website or contact our team.

Why AI Hub?

Leveraging Large Language Models (LLMs) and generative AI has become a top priority for many companies. However, simply accessing LLMs is insufficient for developing production-ready applications that meet enterprise needs. AI Hub addresses this by offering a comprehensive suite of tools for various stages, from prototyping, data structuring, cleansing, evaluation, validation, to human review. These features ensure the quality, reliability, and practical utility of AI solutions. Additionally, AI Hub integrates other critical technologies, such as visual encoding and a mixture-of-expert approach with LLMs, and provides a user-friendly interface, enabling businesses to quickly build and deploy robust AI applications.


In addition to GPT-4 and the latest in large language models, AI Hub employs other complementary technologies, including encoding document layout to preserve the spatial characteristics, semantic understanding, and image pre-processing, to understand content effectively and accurately. 


AI Hub does not require any data annotation or model training, which traditionally impacts automation projects’ time-to-value. Simply upload sample documents and select from pre-built classes or a list of field suggestions. AI Hub automatically splits incoming packets and classifies independent files, generating prompts in the background. You’ll see extraction results immediately.


AI Hub Build supports no-code configuration, so you don’t need to worry about coding or even prompt engineering. Additionally, AI Hub provides simple REST APIs for connecting to systems, alongside upstream and downstream connectors.

Validation and Human-in-the-Loop

The platform enables data validation using natural language prompts, confidence scores, and API lookups (e.g. checking against internal databases) to ensure accuracy. Based on validations, humans can review “exceptions” and correct final outputs when needed. 

Control and Governance

AI Hub reconciles model output with raw document content to protect against hallucinations in the final output and can mount to local storage (e.g., AWS S3 or Azure Blob), ensuring that data remains federated in its existing, secure location.

With AI Hub, you can easily apply the latest AI models for understanding unstructured data without coding, and rapidly turn them into end-to-end production solutions with enterprise-level scale and security. 

Transform your business with AI Hub for Enterprise

Tackle complex, real-world use cases at scale.