Instabase Healthcare Suite

Streamline revenue cycle management and improve the experience for patients, providers, and payors.


Health insurance payors handle large volumes of unstructured data from providers, vendors, and policyholders, which requires manual processing and extraction. Instabase automates the ingestion, classification, extraction, and validation of unstructured documents to accelerate processes and improve the experience for all parties.

Patient Onboarding

Streamline end-to-end patient onboarding with automated document understanding. Eliminate manual review, reduce onboarding times, and comply with regulations at scale.

Service Delivery

Transform the claimant experience and extract more value by unlocking data trapped in messy and unstructured claim documents. Decrease handling times, identify claims that qualify for reimbursement correctly and reduce the cost base.

Claims Adjudication

Incoming claims need to be adjudicated through a review of accompanying medical documents. Appeals & denials to claim decisions are common. Usage is also carefully reviewed to monitor costs.

Payments & Operations

Health payor operations are complex with many stakeholders. Cross-billing and reconciliation is a constant activity and made more complex by the high variability of incoming invoices.

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