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Get actionable insights across all your data and systems, with the references to back them up.

Make knowledge work

With knowledge buried across countless systems and file formats, finding information gets in the way of doing work. AI Hub Search helps you get answers, uncover insights, and take action across all your data and systems, so you can make knowledge work for you.

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Understand all your data,
no matter the format

The more data, the better the answers. But most enterprise data is unstructured and unreliable. Instabase digitizes and interprets data across languages and file formats, so you can get answers from all your data, from legal contracts and technical specs to legacy records and handwritten notes.

Powerful insights backed by deep analysis

Forget generic summaries, get real work done. Instabase’s advanced AI agents deliver thoroughly researched answers by gathering and analyzing data and synthesizing insights for better decision-making. They double check their work and provide references for reliable, fact-based results.

Securely access your data with federated AI agents

Bridge information silos with secure connectors to over 100 apps, tools, and data stores. Instabase’s federated AI architecture keeps your data where it resides today without centralization, so you can easily deploy on, off, or between premises, all while preserving data access controls.

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