The Power of Configurability with the Instabase Platform

Build end to end customer solutions based on a library of pre-built, best-in-class toolkits.

Deploy the right extraction technologies pre-packaged into discrete building blocks to effectively tackle complex understanding problems in their component parts.
  • Computer Vision

    “Is that handwriting or text?”

    Detect penmarks, handwriting and signatures anywhere on a page using computer vision.

  • Natural Language Processing

    “What year was this incorporated?”

    Intake large volumes of data and analyze data based on their natural language content.

  • Structural Detection

    “Is that a table?”

    Locate tables, across multiple-pages, based on the structural properties that can be recognized.

  • Algorithm Constraints

    “What is the most likely value pair?”

    Determine optimal key value pairs based on possible scenarios in a document.

  • Key Value

    “Is this label associated?”

    Select values based on keywords within the text.

  • Entity Detection

    “Is that a name?”

    Easily identify key entities in text like names, addresses, dates and other known attributes based on their semantic meaning.

Configure end to end applications workflows through digitization & validation toolkits.
  • Document Packet Split

    Split packets of documents into their component parts.

  • Classification

    Identify documents by their type and route downstream.

  • Extraction

    Extract required data points across highly-variable documents.

  • Validation

    Implement robust checks and balances to ensure extracted values are correct.

  • Redact

    Redact sensitive regions of documents based on a visual image registration against a known reference image.

  • Human Review

    Flag field exceptions for review to one of the team, either within the platform or in an existing workflow tool.

  • Integration

    Combine native and proprietary technologies at every stage, embed business logic, develop custom user interfaces and extend seamlessly into existing systems.

Deploy and share apps developed between teams, and discover ready-made apps to common problems.
  • Solution Marketplace

    Discover and share solutions to common documents within and between organizations.

  • Developer Exchange

    Consume and publish functions and tools across different problems to develop even faster.

A Complete Set of Building Blocks
The Power of Configurability
Same building blocks, infinite use cases.