One Platform to:

Transform your business by understanding unstructured data and automating your processes end-to-end with Instabase Platform.

The Horizontal Application Platform for Unstructured Data
Automatically understand unstructured data with the latest deep learning technologies, rapidly build end-to-end workflows with pre-packaged solution blocks, and innovate at scale across your organization.
Understand with Deep Learning
Classify and extract data from any document with unmatched, future-proof accuracy by leveraging state-of-the-art deep learning technology.
  • Annotate

    The Instabase Platform provides a no-code interface for users to easily add and annotate documents by highlighting the data to be extracted – no technical expertise is required.

    Instabase automatically suggests potential annotations to speed up the process even further. All annotations are automatically saved, so users can pick up where they left off or collaborate with others on the team.

  • Train & Publish

    The Instabase Platform equips business users and data scientists with state-of-the-art deep learning models from Instabase and the broader market.

    Instabase provides models pre-trained on millions of data points, so users can pick a model and fine-tune it on their annotated documents with one click. Once the auto-generated custom model is published, it can be made instantly available to anyone in the organization.

Build with Configurable Solution Blocks
Automate end-to-end business processes from digitization to validation in record time by combining pre-packaged solution blocks in millions of different ways
  • Assemble & Create

    The Instabase Platform provides a visual development environment to rapidly create business applications powered by deep learning and automate processes.

    Instabase comes with a suite of pre-packaged solution blocks to build applications, execute business logic, and even integrate with business systems. Users can use drag-and-drop actions to assemble their end-to-end workflows, customizing each step with just a few clicks.

  • Refine & Validate

    The Instabase Platform provides hundreds of prebuilt functions to format, clean, transform, and validate data across classes of documents no matter the layout.

    Instabase equips business users with easy-to-use functions to leverage across various document classes. Users can connect to external sources via APIs to validate extraction results or retrieve complementary data to enrich their solutions.

Scale Innovation Across Enterprise
Solve critical problems for your organization by discovering ready-made solutions to common document use cases and sharing custom apps developed by internal teams.
  • Package & Distribute

    The Instabase Platform comes with a solution marketplace, a centralized distribution channel where users can discover and share business applications.

    Instabase provides out-of-the-box solutions for the most common document use cases so users can get started quickly. Users can also easily package custom solutions built on the platform and make them instantly available to anyone across their organizations.

  • Manage & Scale

    Instabase is built on a distributed architecture, so each solution component can independently scale to thousands of documents per hour without manual IT intervention. As any parts of the underlying platform infrastructure improve, the solutions built on Instabase automatically improve as well.

Why Instabase

The Horizontal Platform Approach

Traditional approaches cannot handle high variability or unstructured data, making it useful for only 20% of an organization’s data found in structured documents. Instabase breaks this paradigm with its horizontal platform approach that brings the best-in-class innovation and a suite of intelligent toolkits together, enabling the remaining 80% of an organization’s data to be automated.

  • Traditional Approaches
  • Swap between the best deep learning models as they emerge from Instabase and the market and access cutting-edge techniques at the rate of innovation.
  • Future-Proof Accuracy
  • Provides a static set of techniques or models, which may take years to adapt. New advances every month mean vendor lock-in is a real problem.
  • Combine pre-built blocks in millions of ways to quickly build a tailored, end-to-end solution. Accelerate the speed of delivery with full reusability between use cases.
  • Days Not Months
  • Limits use case potential due to lack of reusable solution blocks or requires building vertical apps for each use case with significant custom code.
  • Democratize rapid development by empowering business users and developers alike with a range of tools for all skillsets, from drag-and-drop to custom logic.
  • Low Code and Pro Code
  • Forces customers to choose between rigid no-code applications or building from scratch with significant professional developer effort and cost.
  • Connect to any existing data source, tool, or model. Don't change a thing; pick and choose the building blocks you need to complete your solution with total modularity.
  • Embed Anywhere
  • Needs significant development effort for integrating with various end-points; may require ripping and replacing rather than supercharging existing tools.
  • Elastically scale with demand and minimize total cost of ownership. Run mission-critical applications globally on any infrastructure with enterprise-grade security and control.
  • Innovate at Scale
  • Leads to a high total cost of ownership since underlying services need to scale all at once to meet demand or hit architectural limitations at high volumes.

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