The Instabase Academy is a learning platform to equip you with the skills to turn business problems into intelligent automated solutions using the latest market innovations from Instabase.

Transformation Starts with Learning

Guided Pathways Made for You

Build your knowledge, abilities, and skillsets to transform business operations in your organization within a learning environment designed for your role.
  • Business & Operations

    Learn how to transform business processes end to end on Instabase. Get certified on how to leverage your domain expertise together with Instabase’s visual toolings to solve your business problems and transform business operations in your organization.
  • Developers

    Acquire subject matter expertise to leverage the latest in deep learning and build complete, end-to-end business solutions. Get certified on no code toolings and scripting to transform the development experience in your organization.
  • Administrators

    Build the knowledge and skills to manage an enterprise platform with business solutions at scale. Get certified on how to keep instances up, running, and updated with the latest releases to transform system reliability with the latest technologies in your organization.
Now is the time

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1Available now for existing customers and coming soon to the general public.