Millions of client documents accumulated over time left a black-hole for compliance Positioning the business towards event-driven compliance Delivering on speed, accuracy and control


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A Tier 1 Commercial Bank unlocked trapped client documentation at scale without hiring an army of operators. They met their deadlines and transformed their business for the future.

Millions of client documents accumulated over time left a black-hole for compliance

In order to comply with new Anti Money Laundering (AML) regulation, a leading UK bank invested hundreds of millions in a new strategic capability. This intended to surface and centralize all client information in a way that is event-driven and actionable.

The programme was put at risk due to the fact that over 200m pages of the client information was trapped in messy documents, collated over twenty years and with no clarity as to their contents or owners. The bank needed to find a way to understand the information in these documents at pace, while dealing with huge scale and a high control environment.

This data had been accumulated over a period of 20 years, archived in zipped files and placed in various file stores across the organization. This meant that it wasn’t possible to curate a 360 degree view of the client, and made it challenging to quickly comply with evolving regulations.

While analysts looked for information, the customer was often left with a poor experience as they were repeatedly asked to submit documents. A lot of analyst time was also lost in collecting information rather than processing it.

Positioning the business towards event-driven compliance

The programme team identified Instabase as the only solution that brought powerful building blocks that they could rapidly assemble into an automated process to handle the backlog. This involved understanding structured, semi-structured and unstructured documents, splitting-up document packets, identifying and resizing signatures and integrating into their existing systems.

Delivering on speed, accuracy and control

The bank worked in partnership with Instabase to exceed the programme objections, enabling them to meet the short term requirements while positioning the business for future growth and innovation.

  • Over 80 different classes of highly variable documents are being captured and classified into the central “strategic in life management platform”.
  • The two teams implemented the solution at lightning speed and mapped the first 320,000 customer profiles in under 3 months.
  • The bank was able to leverage existing tools and models to get the best possible result, rather than a lengthy rip-and-replace transformation.