Unlocking the mailroom at a major US Insurer

Mailroom operations can create process bottlenecks

A major insurer receives thousands of documents every single day from their customers, partners and vendors. These come in in a variety of different formats and from a range of different sources.

This can include information submitted through web forms, emails sent in directly across the organization, faxes that are received and physical post scanned in by a vendor.

The team at had three primary goals:

  1. Identify and prioritize the most important documents, which in this case are Medical Claims, such that they could meet their Service Level Agreement (SLA).
  2. Reduce the 500 errors that they were seeing every day by the manual operators incorrectly indexing documents into the wrong queue.
  3. Eliminate the high cost base to triage the incoming mail and establish a more scalable model.


Powerful classifier automatically digitizes and routes downstream

Using Instabase, they configured a new app in two weeks that digitized all the documents coming in, classified them into buckets based on their type, extracted key metadata from each and automatically pushed into the right queues within their workflow tool.


Clear impact on the business

They were able to automatically classify 96% of incoming documents, and save 40 Full Time Employees that can work on higher value projects.