Instabase Services for Customer Success

Instabase works with its customers every day to transform their business processes and achieve real-world success in their respective industries. From providing an initial design to building a bespoke solution to enabling customers to expand and build their own applications, Instabase is a vital part of the digital transformation journey for each customer.

Our Unique Methodology to Ensure Customer Success



Instabase works closely with its customers to gain a deep understanding of their current processes, identifying bottlenecks, and making recommendations based on deep industry experience.



Armed with this deep understanding of existing customer processes, Instabase designs a turn-key solution for specific customer use cases, addressing key challenges in current processes with a streamlined approach.


Build and Implement

Once the design phase is complete, Instabase builds the actual solution on the Instabase Automation Platform for Unstructured Data and oversees the implementation of the solution for the customer, thus ensuring smooth deployment of the application.


Enable Customers to Expand and Build Their Own Applications

As customers become familiar with the Instabase platform, Instabase empowers users within the customer’s organization to explore other use cases for Instabase and build their own customized applications to address additional customer needs. As customers become adept at using Instabase to build their own solutions, the possibilities for streamlining multiple operational processes are virtually limitless.

Why Choose Instabase for Customer Success?

Instabase is uniquely qualified to help large enterprises across a wide swath of industries to succeed in making their digital transformation complete across processes throughout the organization.


Industry Knowledge and Proven Experience

Instabase works closely with its customers to gain a deep understanding of their current processes, identifying bottlenecks, and making recommendations based on deep industry experience.


Solution Accelerators

The breadth and depth of our industry-specific knowledge has enabled us to create solution accelerators our customers can use to quickly build their own applications. Our low-code and pro-code building blocks help organizations skip labor-intensive coding for common use cases, accelerating the speed to customer success.


Tools That Further Speed Delivery

In addition to our pre-built solution accelerators, the Instabase Automation Platform for Unstructured Data incorporates built-in tutorials that enhance user experience for our customers and enable them to quickly understand and utilize various platform functions for additional use cases.


Breadth of Service Offerings

Due to Instabase’s unique approach, which includes deep learning capabilities and extensible building blocks, our platform is infinitely flexible and scalable, capable of being used for an endless variety of customer use cases. The Instabase platform offers a holistic solution that encompasses any process or document understanding challenge that customers face.

Customer Success Offerings

Instabase customers enjoy great flexibility in how they engage with Instabase. Our offerings include:


Product Delivery

Customers often engage with Instabase to solve a particular process challenge. Instabase works with customers to deliver a solution, from product design to solution build to deployment. This is our turnkey service offering.


Hybrid Approach

Many Instabase customers are so delighted with their initial solution that they want to expand the use of Instabase for multiple internal use cases. In this hybrid approach, Instabase provides both the initial solution, as well as additional solutions or recommendations for customers if customers choose to build their own solutions on the platform. This hybrid approach leads to expanded opportunities and greater customer success over time.


Center of Excellence (CoE) Creation

As Instabase customers continue to leverage the platform and expand the use cases for which they build applications, Instabase also enables customers to create a Center of Excellence to oversee the continued use of Instabase across multiple operational processes. Customers who take advantage of this expanded opportunity see a high return on their investment in Instabase and experience higher levels of success.

What Instabase Customers Get to Succeed

Instabase works with customers every step of the way to find efficiencies, streamline processes, and help customers meet their business goals successfully. With Instabase, you get:


Instabase assigns a dedicated technical account manager (TAM) to each customer. The TAM is responsible for overseeing the entire customer relationship and helping customers with any challenges throughout their engagement with Instabase.

Technical Support

Instabase technical support is available 24/7 to provide architectural support and advice to customers. The call desk provides how-tos and support for any issues that may arise as customers use the Instabase platform.


A key part of our customer success comes from our provision of self-paced learning for customers as they use Instabase. Instabase Academy is a learning platform to equip customers with the skills to turn business problems into intelligent automated solutions using market-leading technology from Instabase.


Our documentation provides ongoing updates and the latest information about new product releases to support customers with a self-service approach.