Income & Identity Document Processing

Understand documents to verify income automatically

Automate the extraction, classification and validation of customer documents with robust accuracy, so you can confidently make effective decisions without scaling manual operations.

  • Classify and extract data from any document
  • Quick set-up to run across all incoming documents
  • Clean-up and structure data
  • Validate for accuracy and review exceptions
  • Embed downstream with API

Common Use Cases

Bank Statements, Paystubs, Tax Returns, Employment Contracts, Financial Statements, Brokerage Statements, Proof of Address, Passports, Driver’s Licenses and any others.

  • Income Verification
    Validate the earning and spending of consumers
  • Source of Wealth
    Verify where funds originated across accounts
  • Onboarding & KYC
    Prove a person or business is who they say they are
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Accurately automate any document type

  • Highly accurate extraction
  • Any structure, any language
  • Handwriting & printed

Use without any model training

  • Out-of-the-box engine
  • No model training required
  • Configure fields & run

Easily embed into any workflow

  • Scalable APIs
  • Customize data schema
  • Secure environment