Intelligent Automation

How Can Generative AI Help Financial Institutions?
Author: Aditi Subbarao, Financial Services Lead AI is bringing about a significant transformation across diverse industries, marking a notable paradigm...
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Accelerate Onboarding and Initial Investments for Asset and Wealth Management with Intelligent Automation
Intelligent automation of wealth management processes leads to cost reduction, better compliance, and a better customer experience. Here’s how. To...
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Tackle Specialty Insurance Challenges with Intelligent Document Understanding
Specialty insurance involves risk protection for unusual circumstances, which typically include very large protection requirements for certain perils that could...
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Focus on What Matters Most in Your Mailroom with Intelligent Automation
The mailroom is one of the biggest entry points of information into any business. In many cases, the amount of...
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Exploring the Business Impact of Intelligent Automation
Rather than wringing our hands about robots taking over the world, smart organizations will embrace strategic automation use cases. Strategic...
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Revolutionize Transaction Dispute Resolution with Intelligent Automation
Credit card transaction disputes are unfortunately all too common today. Whether they arise due to fraud, miscommunication, poor-quality services or...
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