Instabase, the Automation Platform for Unstructured Data, today announced that Sonic Automotive, Inc. (“Sonic Automotive” or “Sonic”), a Fortune 500 Company and one of the nation’s largest automotive retailers, has selected Instabase for its industry-leading automated document processing capabilities. Through this partnership, Sonic Automotive will be able to automate the processing of unstructured invoices, increasing capacity and streamlining vendor payment at lower costs across its vast network of vendors and suppliers.

Instabase enables organizations to drive transformation across manual business processes by unlocking unstructured data through state-of-the-art deep learning technology. Traditional tools used to automate structured documents face issues with high variability, particularly understanding unstructured data trapped in complex documents prevalent in the automotive industry. As a result, unstructured data continues to require manual processing today, challenging organizations with slow turnaround times, high operational costs, and the risk of human error blocking full digital transformation.

Sonic Automotive relies on the efficient processing of large volumes of invoices to ensure prompt payment to vendors which power their vast network of dealerships. With this implementation, Sonic will be able to unify processes, onboard new dealerships, and surface actionable business insights.  In doing so, Sonic hopes to reduce processing time from days to minutes, cut costs, and boost the efficiency of downstream employees by reducing manual paperwork. 

With the launch of its Accounts Payable Invoice Processing Solution, Instabase is excited to help transform the status quo for unstructured invoices across the automotive industry. Using its deep learning platform and technologies, Instabase will be able to aggregate and classify documents and files, extract key information such as VINs, customer names, and registration matches, and then integrate with existing invoicing and automotive systems. All of this is done with unprecedented accuracy, enabling straight-through processing and rapid time to value for customers. 

“While Instabase’s journey started in financial services and insurance, this partnership reflects the evolving focus of our offering to solve unstructured data problems across industries including automotive, consumer packaged goods, healthcare, government, and beyond. We are excited to partner with a market leader like Sonic to transform invoice processing for the automotive industry,” said Joe Ramieri, VP of Growth at Instabase. 

“We are excited to include Instabase in our toolbox as we continue our digital transformation at Sonic Automotive,” said Jeff King, Vice President of the Center of Process Excellence at Sonic Automotive. “The Instabase platform and capabilities offer solutions to understand documents and images at a level we have not seen previously in the marketplace, opening up new opportunities for Sonic to continue expanding its automation platform.” 

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