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Artificial intelligence is changing how businesses extract text from images. Organizations are deploying AI to read, understand, analyze, and extract data from a variety of sources, including images, and transform that data into other usable formats. Here’s a closer look at how to convert image to text using Instabase AI Hub.

Document Understanding and Image to Text Conversion

Image to text conversion enhances document understanding by giving it structure. This process turns image content into searchable, indexable data, allowing users to extract important information, categorize it, and use it in meaningful ways.

In turn, this structure gives businesses better, faster ways to streamline decision-making. They can more easily detect patterns or trends in document-related data and make decisions based on a more comprehensive analysis.

Why Extracting Text from an Image is Challenging

To leverage data to its fullest potential, businesses need to understand its context, especially when data exists in multiple formats. Documents and images pose unique challenges because of their static nature and lack of data structure. These challenges include:

  • Manual data entry: Unlike copying and pasting text, data from images must be typed out by hand, accurately organized, and given detailed attention.
  • Human error: Manual data documentation increases the risks of misspellings, missing information, duplication, or other errors.
  • Time-consuming: Transforming data from documents one by one requires substantial time and resources.
  • Varying image quality: Image quality can hinder traditional methods like OCR from accurately recognizing and logging text from images.

Businesses that understand these challenges explore alternative solutions that improve outcomes while optimizing time and resources.

Tap Into the Power of AI Hub for Image to Text Conversion

To address these and other challenges, Instabase’s AI Hub is helping to smooth the process of extracting text from images.

What AI Hub Is

Instabase AI Hub helps you harness unstructured data and transform it into usable formats. From PDFs to images to scanned documents and more, users can get text from images in seconds without manually transcribing it. 

Or, to easily find specific data within an image, users can describe what they’re looking for and let AI Hub do the rest. There’s no training or modeling required — just instant insights regardless of the data’s format.

How AI Hub Works

See AI Hub in action and how it gives you more control over your data.

How to Extract Text from Images with AI Hub Step-by-Step

Auto-magic? Take a closer look at how AI Hub improves how you extract text from an image.

  1. Digitize your document.
  1. Categorize your document to ensure it’s accessible within the right channels for the right people.
  2. Automatically extract the data you need by “conversing” with your document. For example, you can ask the document to pull signatures, ask about financial growth rates, or locate specific words or phrases.
  1. Refine, validate, and leverage your outputs to keep business moving forward.

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