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By: Bastiane Huang, Product Management at Instabase

In the rapidly evolving landscape of technology, companies are urgently seeking to harness the power of the latest AI technologies, particularly Large Language Models (LLM) and Generative AI. However, their journey often begins with the daunting realization that considerable challenges lie ahead. Accessing AI models is merely the initial step; tailoring solutions to address unique business problems, seamlessly transitioning prototypes into production, and ensuring accuracy through human review and validation are just a few of the complexities that stand in the way of realizing real-world AI solutions.

Instabase has been at the forefront of assisting leading financial and insurance companies, among others, to navigate these intricate challenges over the past years. For instance, we have collaborated with Rocket Mortgage, Uber, & AXA to automate tasks such as invoice processing and mortgage application reviews. With the introduction of Instabase AI Hub and its ongoing evolution, we enable organizations to harness the power of any data that flows through your organization, including documents, PDFs, images, emails, slides–even handwriting. 

Solution Creation Made Easy

Instabase AI Hub offers a suite of tools and workflows that streamline the app building process, enabling users to swiftly select the most suitable prompts or experiment efficiently with LLM prompts. Imagine you need to automate medical record processing—simply upload a sample document and select from a list of automatically generated field suggestions. Prompts will be generated in the background, and you’ll see extraction results immediately. Automated document classification will be applied in the same way if you upload multiple types of document. Should you wish to customize the prompt, a simple click lets you edit, and the changes reflect across all documents.

Additionally, confidence scores are provided, indicating the certainty level associated with specific predictions. These scores can be used to establish thresholds for automatic validation, ensuring that only outputs with low confidence scores are flagged for human review. This approach not only ensures output accuracy but also reduces the need for manually reviewing all documents.

Enabling users to easily configure human review and validation in the platform simplifies the transition from prototyping to production. Now, all that’s left is to publish the application and run it with your documents. Team members can also access the same app, correct data as needed, and export results to downstream systems. All these capabilities are seamlessly integrated into AI Hub with an intuitive user flow, eliminating the need to write complex code to connect multiple systems.

Ability to Handle Real-World Complexities

Beneath the user-friendly interface and extensive toolset lies the robust AI capabilities that Instabase has developed over the past few years to help companies tackle intricate data challenges. In the real world, business data is rarely straightforward. Companies grapple with extensive reports, diverse document types, tables spanning numerous pages, and recurring data fields within documents. 

Furthermore, the inclusion of handwritten and visual elements, such as checkboxes, introduces an added layer of complexity. Instabase AI Hub leverages multiple machine learning models, including OpenAI’s GPT-4 and proprietary ones, to address these intricacies. You can witness the magic for yourself by uploading the real documents that your team handles every day. Rest assured that none of the model providers we employ will retain or use your data for training or fine-tuning purposes, and you always maintain full control over data privacy.

An AI Platform Designed for Teams

Instabase AI Hub doesn’t just stop at simplifying solution creation; it also offers robust features for company-wide management. These include user licensing, usage monitoring, role management, and personalized workspaces for collaboration. The platform also places paramount importance on compliance, security, and privacy, ensuring a secure and efficient LLM solution that aligns with your organization’s requirements.

In Conclusion

The potential of AI and Large Language Models is undeniably vast, but reaping their benefits necessitates a comprehensive approach. Instabase AI Hub presents a holistic solution that assists organizations in overcoming the challenges associated with LLM adoption. By addressing complexities in prototyping, data handling, validation, and human review, Instabase empowers organizations to unlock the full potential of LLMs and drive innovation in today’s fiercely competitive landscape. We invite you to experience the future of AI solution building at and reach out to us directly with any feedback or questions. 

Simplify the journey into AI

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