Applied AI for Insurance
Instabase Insurance Leader speaks with Matthew Grant from Instech on the benefits of Generative AI for Insurance.
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Why Busy Brokers Use AI Hub For Better Contract Comparison
Time-strapped insurance brokers can benefit from using Instabase AI Hub to automate contract comparison. Find out how it works here.
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How to Power Efficient Portfolio Risk Analysis with Instabase AI Hub
Learn how Instabase AI Hub can be used to enhance portfolio risk analysis in the insurance industry and help insurance carriers make more informed decisions.
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3 Benefits of Simplified Policy Explanation with Instabase AI Hub
Discover how Instabase AI Hub automates policy explanation and provides accurate, speedy answers to customer questions regarding policy coverage.
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The Tech-Driven Transformation of Insurance – Insights from Bas De Goei
Instabase AiHub plays a crucial role in insurance automation. Leveraging AI, it excels in understanding complex documents swiftly and accurately, enhancing processes like application evaluation, risk assessment, and claims.
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Customer-Centric Insurance: Improving Claims Processing
Today’s P&C insurance companies operate in a particularly challenging climate. As some of the oldest companies existing globally,  insurers often...
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Automate the Commercial Underwriting Process with Instabase
The insurance submission and underwriting process is complex, regardless of whether the insurance involved is a personal or commercial lines...
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Transform Underwriting by Automating Submissions & Extracting More Data
The underwriting process is critical to long-term profitability for an insurance business. Underwriters evaluate an applicant’s risk and determine the ideal premium...
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Tackle Specialty Insurance Challenges with Intelligent Document Understanding
Specialty insurance involves risk protection for unusual circumstances, which typically include very large protection requirements for certain perils that could...
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