In recent years, technology has revolutionized the insurance industry, leveraging automation and AI to transform the handling of Insurance Documents. In a recent interview with FF News, Bas De Goei, an Insurance Leader at Instabase, shed light on the crucial changes that have reshaped insurance.

The fusion of technology and cultural change has propelled insurers to adapt rapidly to modern demands. Where many insurers still use OCR to work with PDFs, more advanced insurers are implementing automation leveraging deep learning models and LLMs. This is playing a significant role in automating mundane tasks and empowering insurance professionals to focus on customer interactions and underwriting. It is also leading to faster claims processing and improved customer satisfaction.

With streamlined processes and mobile access to services, policyholders now enjoy a seamless and enhanced insurance experience.

The future of insurance looks promising as technology continues to drive innovation in the industry. Embracing these tech-driven solutions, including AI, ensures insurers remain relevant and customer-centric, safeguarding the interests of individuals and businesses alike.

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Transforming Insurance Industry

Try Instabase AI Hub for smarter insurance automation today!