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Automatically classify, extract, and analyze data from any document with unparalleled accuracy.

Get the data, leave the documents

Harness all the data that flows through your organization, including PDFs, images, emails, spreadsheets, and slides. Instabase lets you extract the data you need from unstructured documents with the highest accuracy and automation, so you can reduce costs, scale efficiently, and enhance the customer experience.

Understand any document

Documents aren’t perfect and never seem to come in just the right format for existing tools to work. That’s why we built support for the widest coverage of documents anywhere, whether your files come in thousands of layouts, are handwritten in various languages, or run 800 pages in length.

Any layout, language, or length

Handle it all—process files across any format, understand simple forms or highly unstructured layouts, support over 160 languages, and even read handwriting. One page or one thousand? No problem.

Categorize and route incoming files

Understand, index, and route correspondence, including emails, attachments, chats, and letters. Instabase can classify files, discern intent, and even split multi-document packets into individual files.

All your data, fully accessible

Retrieve the data you need across any form factor, including key-value pairs, fields, tables, natural language, visuals, and much more. Get results cleaned, enriched, and standardized to your liking.

Customize in seconds

Start with pre-built document apps or easily customize your own. Our no-code experience is delightfully easy to use and powered by day zero intelligence, so you can get accurate results by simply asking—no annotation or model training required. It’s so easy anyone can use it.

You describe it, our AI finds it

Define the fields you want, provide a brief description, and our AI takes care of the rest. Configuring your app is easy and fast and requires no code whatsoever.

No annotation or model training

Get results immediately with day zero intelligence. Powered by state-of-the-art large language models, you’ll get accurate data without the effort of custom model training.

Get started with pre-built apps

Start today by leveraging apps for common documents. Automatically extract data from identity documents, receipts, annual reports, and more.

Automate confidently

With our AI guardrails, you can verify results against a range of data quality checks and business rules to maximize good data, minimize bad data, and automate more data.

Maximize the good, minimize the bad

Verify results against a range of high-precision data validations, business rules, and data sources, so you can trust your results, catch errors, and increase automation rates.

Review anything that requires attention

Loop in a human to approve or correct any low confidence result. Easily compare extracted data with source documents to see exactly where we found the answers.

Connect all your systems

Export results to any downstream application in the required schema. With robust APIs, you can automate manual processes at enterprise scale.

AI Hub Converse

Investigate, analyze, and interact with your data

Get answers from your files instantly with your own AI assistant. Analyze data, summarize content, and locate information across large amounts of unstructured data with a simple conversation.

Just upload your documents and ask.

Join thousands of users unlocking unstructured data with Instabase

Leverage the same AI application platform trusted by the world’s leading companies. Instabase works for everyone, from individual teams to the most highly regulated global enterprises.