AI Hub

Innovative AI starts with an open ecosystem

Whether you’re a researcher sharing new models or a practitioner deploying pre-built solutions, amplify your impact and accelerate adoption of AI across the enterprise.

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Discover the latest AI has to offer

Access state-of-the-art innovation from the AI community, including foundation models and leading open source technology. Discover industry-tuned models, templated workflows, and business logic. Want to take a shortcut and rapidly operationalize AI instead? Try ready-to-use solutions.

Close the gap between research and application

We take the latest AI research and fine-tune it with industry specific datasets and relevant data models, so you can apply it directly to your business problem. Take advantage of the latest architectures all customized to the tasks you need accomplished.

Reach the most demanding global enterprises

Building for the world’s largest enterprises is time and capital intensive. Not only do you have to design for the highest levels of security and compliance, but you have to deal with lengthy procurement processes.

Instabase is an established platform at industry-leading enterprises across banking, insurance, healthcare, retail, and transportation. If you build on Instabase, you can amplify your reach through the AI Hub and accelerate adoption of your solutions.

AI Solution Builder

Create powerful solutions

Quickly configure solutions with the latest in discriminative and generative AI. Connect your models, business logic, and downstream systems together–all in low code.

AI Runtime

Deploy anywhere

Run your solutions on any infrastructure, across clouds or on-premise, and easily scale to meet any workload.