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Announcing the General Availability of Instabase SaaS: Your Fast Track to Applied AI in the Enterprise

We are excited to announce the general availability of Instabase SaaS, a fully-managed offering that allows enterprise customers to get immediate value from the full capabilities of the Instabase Platform without the cost and complexity of managing and scaling IT infrastructure.

The Instabase Platform combines AI breakthroughs from research labs with deep industry expertise to help businesses automate the processing of unstructured data and accelerate their digital transformation. Many of the world’s largest financial institutions, insurance companies, governments, retail companies, and enterprises rely on Instabase to extract value from their unstructured data to significantly improve customer, employee, and risk management outcomes.

Now, with Instabase SaaS, enterprises can: 

  • Receive immediate access to Instabase capabilities to get started quickly and realize value faster
  • Eliminate the hassle of procuring, configuring, and managing complex infrastructure
  • Scale easily with no overhead as automation demands increase
  • Benefit from an always up-to-date platform without dedicating time and resources to applying upgrades
  • Access the latest innovation and AI breakthroughs as soon as they are made available by Instabase
  • Confidently process sensitive data on our SOC2 Type II compliant platform that is designed to be compliant with GDPR, HIPAA, and CCPA

What are our customers saying?

We are pleased to be supporting many global enterprises on our SaaS platform, powered by AWS, including AXA UK&I, Direct Assurance (AXA Group), and Paychex, among others. 

Emphasizing how quickly customers are able to develop solutions, Emmanuel Claudel, a Product Manager from Direct Assurance (AXA Group), said:

We were amazed at how quickly we were able to develop solutions with Instabase SaaS. By lifting the infrastructure and platform set-up constraints, Instabase enabled us to focus right away on the solution design in order to reach our business goals faster.

Emmanuel Claudel, Product Manager from Direct Assurance (AXA Group)

What’s next? 

Instabase SaaS is now available for all customers globally. We’re looking forward to empowering enterprises to access the Instabase Platform and latest innovations in AI without the complexity, cost, and burden of managing and procuring IT infrastructure. Please reach out if you’re interested in learning more!

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