Generative AI

How AI is the Future of Banking Fraud Detection
AI’s real-time detection, continuous learning, and increased accuracy provides banks with a better way to detect fraud than traditional methods.
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How to Scan a Document on Your Android Phone
See how you can use Instabase Converse on your Android phone to scan documents and process them.
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Applied AI for Insurance
Instabase Insurance Leader speaks with Matthew Grant from Instech on the benefits of Generative AI for Insurance.
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Conversational AI takes a big leap forward with Multistep Reasoning
Our new multistep reasoning model results in more transparent, contextually relevant, and explainable responses to your queries.
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How to Convert a PDF to Excel
Instabase makes it easy to convert a PDF to an Excel file. Here’s a step-by-step look at how to turn PDF data into an attractive Excel table in seconds.
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AI Document Analysis on Your Phone
It’s faster and easier than ever to use AI for document analysis. With Converse, you can use your mobile phone to upload or take photos of documents and use AI to understand, analyze, and extract information.
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How to Extract Text from Image
Learn how to extract text from an image the easy way, without extensive manual effort or wasted time. Instabase helps you automatically convert an image to text.
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Unveiling the Promise of Generative AI
Instabase participated in a workshop at Fairfield University, highlighting the practicality and versatility of Generative AI.
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use ai hub
Why Busy Brokers Use AI Hub For Better Contract Comparison
Time-strapped insurance brokers can benefit from using Instabase AI Hub to automate contract comparison. Find out how it works here.
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