Searching Through Documents More Intelligently Performing Accurate Calculations Transforming Data into Insights Planning Contextually, Step-By-Step Providing Robust, Detailed and Explainable Answers

By: Varun Jain, Product Management at Instabase

We’re excited to announce our newest conversational AI capability: the multistep reasoning model. This groundbreaking technology allows the Converse application to break down your queries into multiple steps, evaluating its own findings at each step before determining its next move. The result is more accurate, contextually relevant, and explainable responses to your queries. This also creates more transparency as you can follow the logic of the multistep reasoning model step by step in generating the output to your queries. 

Searching Through Documents More Intelligently

The multistep reasoning model searches documents dynamically. When you ask a question, it breaks down the query into logical steps, using key phrases and concepts to guide its document search. As it finds relevant information, it considers the context to reason what the next search steps should be for answering the overall question. This intelligent, ongoing evaluation allows it to extract the most pertinent details from large documents.

Performing Accurate Calculations

Our latest multistep reasoning model performs mathematical calculations by combing through data in documents and extracting the numbers and facts needed to respond accurately. Whether you ask for a sum total, percentage, or a more complex computation, it searches for the values, crunches the numbers, and shows its work when delivering the answer. This represents a big improvement in accuracy over previous conversational AI models. 

Transforming Data into Insights

The multistep reasoning model analyzes data, identifies trends and patterns, and creates simple charts and graphs to help explain the information. This makes the output easy to absorb. 

Planning Contextually, Step-By-Step

A key advantage of the multistep reasoning model is that it plans contextually. As it works through your question, it continually evaluates its findings to determine the optimal next step for answering accurately. If it needs more information, it can extract relevant facts, perform calculations, or search the document again. This approach results in more complete, logically structured responses.

Providing Robust, Detailed and Explainable Answers

Our latest multistep model is designed to provide in-depth answers, not just short, superficial responses. Its step-by-step methodology, ongoing contextual evaluation, and document comprehension capabilities empower it to include rich details, supporting facts, relevant data points, and thoughtful explanations in its answers. This creates an audit trail as you can check step by step how the multistep reasoning model generated the final output to your queries. You’ll be impressed by how robust its responses are! 

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