An Instabase Campus Series with Fairfield University

Fairfield University recently played host to an immersion session that delved into the fascinating world of generative AI. Professor Kaitlyn Arnold who does research and teaches classes in artificial intelligence applications has pulled together an engaging course as part of which AI industry leaders are invited to share their insights with her students. This setup fits perfectly with Instabase’s “Campus Series.” Bastiaan de Goei who leads Growth Marketing at Instabase joined Professor Arnold’s class for the day for a workshop using Instabase’s AI Hub platform. The session not only shed light on the practicality of generative AI but also showcased the extraordinary talents of Fairfield University students. In this blog, we’ll explore the impactful work of four students who went above and beyond in their assignments, revealing the versatility of generative AI.

In the class two pivotal topics shaped the class discussion — Transformer models and self-attention

In the class, students explored the inner workings of Transformer models, a breakthrough in the field of natural language processing. These models are built on self-attention mechanisms, which allow them to process and understand the context of words in a sentence. This architectural innovation has led to significant advancements in various AI applications, from chatbots to language translation.

Practical applications that were discussed were using Generative AI platforms like Instabase AI Hub to explore a course schedule and to analyze and summarize financial information. Other examples included the use of AI Hub to quickly go through medical information or for insurance brokers to compare different contracts.

Following the class, all students were given an assignment. The assignment was to take the Instabase AI hub platform and leverage it to solve a practical problem. Professor Arnold helped select four stand out students that the Instabase team wants to recognize on this blog.

  • Elizabeth Myers: Elizabeth’s work stood out for its comprehensive exploration of Instabase AI Hub’s capabilities. She not only utilized the Converse features but also delved into graph and chart functions. Most impressively, she applied these skills to a specific and personal project, analyzing the performance of her lacrosse team. Elizabeth’s work underscored the versatility of generative AI in sports analytics and personalized data visualization.
  • Christian Osorio: Christian ventured into the financial sector, using Instabase AI Hub for credit report analysis. By doing so, he showcased the potential of generative AI to enhance the accuracy and efficiency of credit assessment processes in the financial industry, which is vital for responsible lending.
  • Cian O’Donnell Richardson: Cian brought generative AI into the job search process. He demonstrated how Instabase AI Hub can streamline and optimize job searches, offering students an efficient way to navigate the competitive job market. His practical approach highlighted the real-world applications of generative AI.
  • Matthew Kolotylo: Matthew delved into the application of generative AI in the realm of biomedical research. His assignment showcased the potential of generative AI platforms like Instabase AI Hub to simplify the complex process of analyzing and interpreting biological data. It’s a testament to how AI can facilitate innovation in scientific research.

The Instabase team wants to make specific mention of Elizabeth’s Myers’ work. While all students did a phenomenal job, the Instabase team was particularly impressed by the use of AI Hub to address a practical and immediate need while also leveraging functionality that was not specifically discussed in class.

To witness Elizabeth’s extraordinary work in action, we invite you to watch a video showcasing her solution. It provides a firsthand look at the practical and impactful use of generative AI in a real-world context.

The Fairfield University immersion session underscored the potential of generative AI in diverse fields, thanks to the creativity and innovation of the students. As we wrap up this exciting journey into the world of AI, we anticipate further exploration and application of generative AI in the capable hands of these students. It’s a testament to the bright future of AI, driven by the next generation of innovators.

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