Instabase Enterprise Shared Services Suite

Transform critical services to achieve greater value creation by automatically processing unstructured data.


Shared services organizations handle a complex mix of data across multiple domains. Instabase processes unstructured data and documents across all functions from finance & accounting to supply chain and human resources.


Streamline all onboarding processes with the Instabase Automation Platform for Unstructured Data. Eliminate manual review, reduce onboarding times, and maintain compliance with all applicable regulatory requirements.

Invoice Processing

Automate document understanding to streamline all payables and receivables processes. Use deep learning technologies embedded in the Instabase Automation Platform for Unstructured Data to eliminate time-consuming manual review, speed payment and billing operations, and reduce human error.

Mailroom Indexing

Bring order to correspondence chaos with automated document understanding. Instabase automatically digitizes, classifies, and extracts relevant information from any document, prioritizing items that need immediate attention and sending important data to downstream systems for action.

Tax and Auditing

Automate document review and streamline tax reporting and filing with Instabase’s deep learning capabilities. Use Instabase to understand important tax documents such as P&L statements, invoices, purchase orders, inventory documentation, and tax forms.

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