Note: Released in beta to select customers with public release coming soon.

Instabase, a leading provider of automation and insights solutions, introduces a new capability to AI Hub. The new AI Hub Chatbots feature enables customer teams to get instant insights from a large set of documents.

Every organization faces the same challenge — employees need to comb through a shared set of documents to get information. It may be employees looking for HR benefit information, support teams looking up the latest product capabilities, or a range of other scenarios. Looking through these documents is time-consuming, painful, and at the end of the search, many end up pinging another human for the answer anyway.

Now companies can simply configure a chatbot with the organization’s information and share it with their teams. Employees can then query the information in natural language and get instant answers using Instabase’s multi-document reasoning capabilities. Team members get the information they need without having to ask another teammate for help when they’re stuck.

Key features of AI Hub Chatbots include:

  • Quick creation and sharing of chatbots within an organization.
  • Multi-document reasoning powered by Instabase AI Hub’s Converse platform.
  • Securely deploy chatbots in AI Hub commercial organizations.

At Instabase, AI Hub Chatbots are already being used to streamline HR operations and information access for Support teams. Instabase employees get quick answers to questions about topics ranging from expense policies to the latest product features. AI Hub Chatbots not only provide instant insights, but also reduce the workload of answering questions on central teams at organizations. 

“We are thrilled to introduce AI Hub Chatbots as a powerful tool for organizations looking to enhance collaboration and productivity,” said Avi Vaid, Product Manager at Instabase. “Instabase AI Hub Chatbots are an ideal solution for many commercial use cases since they’re easy to share within an organization in a compliant manner, and are powered by our advanced multi-document reasoning capabilities.”

AI Hub Chatbots are now available for all Instabase AI Hub users, and commercial customers can already share chatbots that they build with their team. Learn more about how Instabase’s AI Hub Chatbots can help your organization here.