Legal Doc Automation

Automate Legal Documents with AI Hub

Legal Documents are important in work and personal life but they can be lengthy and legalese can be difficult to read for the lay person. Being able to quickly summarize legal and financial documents saves time and helps prevent issues with contractual obligations.

AI Hub has a number of tools to help automate legal documents:

  • Translate: Translate any legal document from another language
  • Doc Summarizer: Upload any legal document and get a 250 word Summary
  • Converse: extract key data including document type, author, date and publisher
  • Build: Automate AI workflows that creates automated repeatable workflows

Holding a conversation and translating documents with your content is one thing, but what if you are getting 10,000 documents a day that you want to summarize, translate, process, verify, validate, and otherwise process? AI Hub Build is a new and no-code tool that lets you apply the power of LLMs to all of your content, automatically.