Skan and Instabase announce their new partnership! The collaboration allows customers to use Skan’s process intelligence and Instabase’s #AppliedAi technology to drive efficiency and automation. Read more about this exciting partnership below.

“ (‘Skan’), a leader in the process and operational intelligence space, and Instabase, a pioneer in applied AI for enterprises, have recently announced their partnership to help businesses transform operations through AI-powered telemetry of work, driving revenue, and revolutionizing customer experiences.

Banks, Insurers, and Healthcare Payers choose Skan to continuously improve how they serve their customers, develop their people, find new ways to work, and translate strategy into tangible outcomes. Skan’s Virtual Agents, like automated Six Sigma Black Belts, create a “single source of truth” of how work is really getting done around which leaders, managers, and operators collaborate, innovate, and deliver business results unachievable under previous structures and process excellence methodologies.

Process inefficiencies are everywhere in the enterprise. The prevalence of inefficiencies often originates from manual data handling and rework caused by human errors, posing a significant challenge. Instabase is used by the world’s largest insurers and banks to unlock complex unstructured data and enable unprecedented extraction accuracy and automation rates.

“We are excited to partner with Instabase to enable businesses to achieve exceptional operational  efficiency gains.” said Manish Garg, Co-founder and CPO, Skan. “Instabase is known for its expertise in handling unstructured data, and their technology is a perfect complement to our process intelligence platform. Together our aim is to help our clients identify and eliminate process inefficiencies, increase automation rates and accelerate digital & cultural transformation.”

“We are thrilled to partner with Skan to help businesses unlock the potential of data and identify inefficiencies,” said Chris Maertz, Director of Partnerships at Instabase.. “Skan’s process intelligence platform provides businesses with unprecedented visibility into how work is actually done. This visibility is essential for identifying opportunities to improve process efficiency. Instabase’s capability along with insights from Skan can help businesses streamline manual processes, make faster & more informed decisions” he added.

About Skan

Founded in 2018, Skan combines computer vision with AI to help clients streamline core operations, remove friction from customer transactions, and increase the value of human capital. Observing work continuously down to the millisecond and at scale, our secure and privacy-first platform installs in minutes requiring zero integration with existing systems.

About Instabase

Instabase is an AI application platform that empowers anyone to transform complex, unstructured data into actionable insights using cutting-edge generative AI. Harness the power of any data that flows through your organization in any format, layout or language, including documents, PDFs, images, emails, spreadsheets, slides–even handwriting. Instabase streamlines manual processing, facilitates quicker, more informed decision making, and cultivates an ecosystem for developers to build and innovate the next generation of intelligent applications. Today, many of the world’s largest financial institutions, insurance companies, governments, and enterprises rely on Instabase to automate their mission-critical business processes end-to-end. The business is backed by leading investors, such as Greylock Partners, NEA, Andreessen Horowitz, Index Ventures, Spark Capital, Tribe Capital, K5, Original Capital, SC Ventures, and Glynn Capital. 

Streamline your manual processes for faster, more efficient results

Easily automate manual processes involving unstructured data with Instabase AI Hub.