Finding Insights Across Documents Becomes Easier and More Efficient Key Capabilities Use Cases

By: Varun Jain, Product Management at Instabase

We’re excited to announce the launch of our newest capability — conversational AI for cross-document reasoning. This enables users to ask freeform natural language questions across documents and receive accurate answers quickly in Converse, without any need for coding or data science expertise.

Finding Insights Across Documents Becomes Easier and More Efficient

In many organizations, critical information resides in multiple documents spread across different systems and formats — PDFs, emails, spreadsheets, image scans, and more. Analysts often need to manually read through these documents to find, correlate, and reason across relevant information. This can be a very time-consuming and error-prone process.

With Converse on Instabase AI Hub, you can simply ask freeform questions in plain language to quickly get answers supported by evidence from documents. Our recently launched multistep reasoning model breaks down your queries into multiple steps, evaluating its own findings at each step before determining its next move. The result is more accurate, contextually relevant, and explainable responses to your queries. This also creates more transparency as you can follow the logic of the model step by step in generating the output to your queries. 

Key Capabilities

  • Ask freeform questions about documents in plain language, as you would naturally speak to another person. No need to code queries.
  • Get quick and accurate answers pulled from relevant content across selected documents. Supporting evidence is provided.
  • Works across PDFs, Word, PowerPoint, Excel and other popular formats.

Use Cases

Conversational AI for a corpus of documents enables a wide range of use cases such as:

Contract Intelligence

Review contracts, quotes and invoices much faster by asking questions like: “What are the payment terms in the contracts with Company X?” “Does this invoice rate match what’s stated in the corresponding contract?” 

Claims Processing

Speed up insurance claims validation by querying across policies, claims, communications, and guidelines: “Is this medical claim compliant with John Doe’s policy?” “What conditions need to be met for this claim to be approved based on the guidelines?”

Background Checks

Easily compile background checks by asking questions across various public records and documents: “Has this person declared bankruptcy in the last 7 years?” “List all previous legal issues for this applicant.” “Do all these documents refer to the same James Smith?”

Onboarding and Auditing

Confirm employee, vendor or customer details across multiple documents: “Do all these documents have consistent details for Sally Jones?” “Is the address on the ID proof the same as on the bank statement?” “Show me differences between these two application forms.”

Conversational AI for multiple documents is available starting today on Instabase AI Hub. Visit for a free trial experience and to learn more. 

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