What is Instabase Academy? What to Expect from the Instabase Academy Our Vision for the Future of Instabase Academy

At Instabase, we’ve always fostered a culture of learning, and today, we are very excited to bring this same experience to our customers with the launch of the Instabase Academy. The Academy will give our customers the skills and tools to turn business problems into automated solutions using the latest innovations, including deep learning.

What is Instabase Academy?

Instabase Academy is a one-stop, self-service learning platform designed to accelerate users’ knowledge of Instabase. It is designed to equip users with the skills to turn business problems into intelligent automated solutions using the latest market innovations.

Whether users are just starting with Instabase or have been using the platform for a while, the Academy can take them from their current knowledge and skill level all the way to advanced techniques that will enable them to leverage Instabase for any use case they may need.

All content in Instabase Academy is split into digestible topics that can be consumed in 10-20 minutes. Users will have a dedicated login from which they can access learning modules and keep track of their progress.

At the end of each learning module, users may take a brief assessment to ensure they clearly understand the concepts covered in the module. As users progress through the learning modules, they’ll have the opportunity to earn certifications as their knowledge and skills grow. They can then showcase those accomplishments with internal team members and even on LinkedIn.

What to Expect from the Instabase Academy

As our customer base grows, we want to ensure they have the right resources to get fully enabled on Instabase. Because of this, we are providing Instabase Academy as a no-cost resource, offering a rich content catalog to meet professionals wherever they are in their Instabase journey. Learning content includes courses, videos, best practices, and deep dives into specific features and components.

Start with a Learning Pathway Designed for Your Role

We’ve structured the Academy on curated Learning Pathways designed for the three common categories of Instabase users:

  • Business and Operations
  • Developers
  • Administrators

Business and Operations 

Business and operations users are generally focused on how to leverage Instabase for specific use cases within their organization. This Academy Learning Pathway is geared to enable users to transform their operational processes end-to-end using Instabase. If users have little or no coding experience, that’s not a problem; the Academy can help users become experts in Instabase’s deep learning toolings in short order.


In the Developer Learning Pathway, developers can become experts on all things Instabase to uncover how to use cutting-edge deep learning technology to transform business processes and the development experience in their organizations. From simple technology projects to advanced scripting, the Developer Learning Pathway enables developers to deepen their knowledge of the platform and advance their skill level.


Administrators will enjoy building the knowledge and skills needed to manage an enterprise platform with business solutions at scale. They can quickly discover how to keep instances up, running, and updated with the latest releases and technologies.

Create a Tailored Learning Pathway

Though we’ve designed the Learning Pathways based on what most Instabase users need, that doesn’t mean users can’t forge their own individualized Learning Pathways. We know that no two Instabase users are alike, so we’ve designed the Academy to allow users the option of handpicking courses that impact their work or expand their knowledge and become certified Instabase experts.


To allow users the opportunity to test their newfound Instabase knowledge and share it with their networks, we offer certifications for every Learning Pathway: Business & Operations, Developers, and Administrators. Every certification is earned through a series of tests and assessments that validates their learning on content at every level and proves their expertise.

Our Vision for the Future of Instabase Academy

The launch of Instabase Academy is only the beginning. The greater market is innovating, producing new technologies, and redefining the possible. The Academy’s content will evolve to equip learners with new skills based on the latest best practices and advancements.

Instabase Academy is available today for customers and coming soon to the general public. Learn how your organization can leverage the wealth of knowledge available in the Academy by reaching out to your Technical Account Manager.