Deep Learning
  • Deep Learning
    Instabase Academy Launch Enables Customers to Develop Deep Expertise

    At Instabase, we’ve always fostered a culture of learning, and today, we are very excited to bring this same experience to our customers with the…

    Feb 16,2022
  • Deep Learning
    A New Dawn for Unstructured Data with Deep Learning

    Instabase, the world’s first horizontal platform for unstructured data, is democratizing access to deep learning to empower any organization to solve unstructured data problems with…

    Dec 09,2021
  • Deep Learning
    Optimize Life Insurance Underwriting with Machine Learning

    Some types of insurance carry greater risks than others and therefore require more rigorous underwriting processes. Even within a broad category such as life insurance,…

    Nov 19,2021
  • Deep Learning
    What is Unstructured Data?

    Anyone who keeps a finger on the pulse of technology news has heard the term “unstructured data.” But what is it, and how does it…

    Aug 20,2021
  • Computer Vision
    To solve an impossible problem, redefine it

    Machine learning is at the cusp between research and engineering. On the one hand, many ML techniques have become simple off-the-shelf libraries. On the other…

    Nov 24,2018