Deep Learning
  • Deep Learning
    Instabase Academy Launch Enables Customers to Develop Deep Expertise

    At Instabase, we’ve always fostered a culture of learning, and today, we are very excited to bring this same experience to our customers with the…

    Feb 16,2022
  • Deep Learning
    Streamline Life Insurance Underwriting with Deep Learning Technology

    Some types of insurance carry greater risks than others and therefore require more rigorous underwriting processes. Even within a broad category such as life insurance,…

    Nov 19,2021
  • Deep Learning
    Unstructured Data: What It Is and Why It Is an Unsolved Problem

    Anyone who keeps a finger on the pulse of technology news has heard the term “unstructured data.” But what is it, and how does it…

    Aug 20,2021
  • Computer Vision
    To solve an impossible problem, redefine it

    Machine learning is at the cusp between research and engineering. On the one hand, many ML techniques have become simple off-the-shelf libraries. On the other…

    Nov 24,2018