Automate Invoices & Chat With Any Document Using GPT
Instabase provides a pre-built application for commercial invoices on AI Hub that enables quick digitization of invoices and lets you extract key information
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How Can Generative AI Help Financial Institutions?
Author: Aditi Subbarao, Financial Services Lead AI is bringing about a significant transformation across diverse industries, marking a notable paradigm...
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Automate the Commercial Underwriting Process with Instabase
The insurance submission and underwriting process is complex, regardless of whether the insurance involved is a personal or commercial lines...
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Accelerate Onboarding and Initial Investments for Asset and Wealth Management with Intelligent Automation
Intelligent automation of wealth management processes leads to cost reduction, better compliance, and a better customer experience. Here’s how. To...
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Automate Global Business Services via Document Understanding
In response to stalled growth, inflation, and the economic downturn, companies in the consumer packaged goods and manufacturing sectors are...
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Transform Underwriting by Automating Submissions & Extracting More Data
The underwriting process is critical to long-term profitability for an insurance business. Underwriters evaluate an applicant’s risk and determine the ideal premium...
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Automation Opportunities in Corporate and Investment Banking
The corporate and investment banking (CIB) space has undergone significant transformation over the last few years. However, there is still...
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Addressing the Challenge of Transitioning Federal Agencies to Electronic Records
By now, all federal agencies are aware of the governmentwide requirement to transition all records and documents — both temporary...
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Improve Operational Capacity and Risk Visibility in Commercial Lending
Time to cash delays due to constraints on operational capacity and risk visibility are constantly on the minds of commercial...
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