AI Hub Converse

Get answers, summarize content, and analyze data instantly by turning your files into digital experts–just ask for what you need.

Ask for anything you want

Unlock the power of your content with GPT-4 and the latest in generative AI. Get the answers you need with a simple conversation.


Locate and extract information


Summarize, interpret, and translate


Calculate, compare, and reason


Produce new content

Why Converse with Instabase?

Any content goes

Converse with any file, not just text or PDFs. Work with scans, images, spreadsheets, slides, and more. Got handwriting or tables? We can handle that too.

The bigger, the better

Take the fastest path through your longest documents. Unlock knowledge across hundreds of pages of your most complicated content straightaway.

Fact check the sources

Feel confident about your results–see where in the file the data came from and review how we got the answer, step by step.

Your privacy, guaranteed

Rest assured your data is confidential, secured, and encrypted. You have full flexibility and control over how your data is used.

Instabase’s AI Hub, built on GPT-4, is able to deliver extraordinary capabilities in comprehending documents and extracting valuable insights from an extensive amount of content. It’s exciting to see technologies like AI Hub leveraging the power of GPT-4 to transform how we interact with information.

Brad Lightcap, OpenAI Chief Operating Officer