AI Solution Builder

All the tools to build powerful AI solutions

Rapidly create end-to-end solutions to solve real-world problems with the latest advancements in discriminative and generative AI. Build and orchestrate powerful models, execute business logic, and integrate with downstream systems–all in low code.

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Why Instabase

Unlock any data type

Power solutions with any data modality, including text, images, documents, and more.

Build end-to-end solutions

Solve the full problem by combining multi-model workflows with business logic, validations, and integrations.

Low code tooling

Rapidly develop models and AI solutions without a single line of code, from data labeling to workflow orchestration.

How it works

Whatever level of build you’re looking for, you’ll find it. Customize business-ready solutions from the Instabase ecosystem or develop new ones with pre-built accelerators and low code tools. You can even add in your own custom code for expert-level flexibility.

Get all the tools you need to start building your own end-to-end AI solutions.


Data labeling

Prepare and annotate training data for your AI models


Model training

Select, train, and tune the best available models by task and industry


Workflow building

Assemble end-to-end solutions from model orchestration and data validation to business logic and integration


Maximize productivity with AI augmented labeling

Empower domain experts to translate knowledge and expertise into AI. With annotation suggestions and an intuitive interface, you can quickly prepare and label data to support any use case. Capture diverse, multimodal data in one place to optimize all your models.

  • Automatically label training data 
  • Detect objects for annotation
  • Easily manage training and validation sets


Easily train advanced AI models

Customize state-of-the-art models without any code. Fine tune pre-trained models from AI Hub, from industry-specific and large-scale, foundation models to the latest open source research or bring your own.

  • Support for any framework including TensorFlow, Pytorch, Keras, and ONNX
  • Access a library of state-of-the-art models fine tuned by industry and task
  • Automated hyperparameter tuning and multi-GPU scaling


Assemble all your models into one end-to-end workflow

Configure your end-to-end AI solution with low code building blocks. Orchestrate multi-model workflows that understand various data modalities, then enrich results, execute business logic, and include human review at any point.

  • Drag-and-drop your solution workflow
  • Enhance, transform, and action results
  • Leverage pre-built templates and components from AI Hub
  • Extend functionality with an IDE

AI Hub

Jumpstart and share your work

Access and customize the latest models, pre-built accelerators, and end-to-end solutions to get started fast. Publish and share your creations across your enterprise or the Instabase community.

AI Runtime

Deploy anywhere

Run your solutions on any infrastructure, across clouds or on-premise, and easily scale to meet any workload.