What are document scanning and indexing services?

Scanning and indexing services are professional solutions that convert physical documents into digital formats and systematically organize them for easy retrieval and management. Scanning turns paper documents into digital formats, like PDFs or images, that can be electronically stored, shared, and accessed. Indexing is the method of organizing and cataloging these digital documents. Documents are tagged with specific keywords, metadata, or identifiers that make them easy to find.

Why is Document Scanning and Indexing Important?

Document scanning and indexing are essential to the digital transformation of a company’s business. When companies transition from traditional paper-based systems to digital formats, they increase their operational efficiency, reduce manual work, and make finding information and document management easier. They also reduce the costs that are associated with operating a paper-based business, such as printing, mailing, and physical storage.

How Scanning and Indexing Services Work

Scanning and indexing services use optical character recognition (OCR) and automation to convert your physical documents into machine-readable data and digital files. The best ones have no problems converting handwriting and support multiple languages. 

First, your documents are scanned to capture its contents and create digital replicas. In some cases, the files may be enhanced to improve the quality and readability of the scanned document. Then, OCR converts the scanned images into editable and searchable text files. The files are indexed based on your preferences. Finally, everything is uploaded and securely stored in your database or system. 

While you can outsource this work to a scanning and indexing service, you can also leverage the same scanning, OCR, and automation technologies that they use and have your employees take on the work instead. There are security advantages to keeping this in-house, and your employees are the ones who are most familiar with your documents and organizational systems.