Onboarding new customers at pace with ease Fueling growth by moving faster Setting up a long-term partnership 


accuracy on extracted data 

1,000 hrs

saved per month 


Internal Rate of Return (IRR)

One of the leading cloud-based payroll providers was looking to deliver exceptional customer experience to their SMB customer base and reduce the time to value to get their customers onboarded to their payroll platform.

Onboarding new customers at pace with ease

The payroll provider’s ability to maintain a competitive advantage and deliver exceptional customer service is dependent on processing payroll documents faster and more accurately. When a new SMB customer came on board, the first step was to accurately input the end-to-end employee details in the SaaS platform. These required employee details enabled payroll payment, benefits management, and human resource management. This complex process involved 25 client advocates that manually keyed in large numbers of data points to onboard new clients.

This manual process to onboard new clients required:

  • The end customers manually input details for employees into the backend systems – a cumbersome, time-consuming, and error-prone process. 


  • The internal client advocates team of the SaaS provider manually inputs each employee’s information into the backend system from physical documents.

The complexity of the onboarding process involved capturing a variety of different document types. Each SMB customer had to onboard every employee with an average of 28 data points, resulting in 400 data points for each end customer. 

Manually processing these documents slowed down customer onboarding and reduced the ability to maximize ROI for these customers. Additionally, any errors or inaccuracies could lead to serious business consequences, such as employees being paid more or less, and creating additional manual processes for the SMB owner. 

Fueling growth by moving faster

Instabase provided the flexibility to process a high volume of different document types with a high level of accuracy. This complex problem was unsolved with other technologies such as RPA which couldn’t automate the end-to-end solution. 

Instabase experts took a unique approach and configured a solution that would process 450 documents an accuracy of 88%. Instabase designed and delivered the proof of value, ready for the client use, in a short time period of two weeks. Each template was designed to handle high variability so the solution does not get thrown off by any minor changes in the document layouts.

In order to speed up the onboarding, the information from the documents needed to be transferred to the backend database in minutes. However, sometimes the information captured from the documents didn’t necessarily match the fields in the backend database. As a value add, Instabase developed intelligent mapping configurations which empower the client teams to map the information to the database automatically. The payroll provider can also change or upgrade these configurations in line with their business rules or change customer needs. 

Setting up a long-term partnership 

With Instabase, client advocates can now scale operations by the smooth onboarding of new customers. It also saves precious time that was wasted on data entry and processing paperwork. As a result, more time is now being spent with the customers, in turn significantly improving customer experience and reducing churn.