How to Use Instabase to Recognize and Extract Text in Screenshots

Images often contain textual data that may prove valuable. Sometimes you may need to extract text from a screenshot to save, edit, or repurpose that information. While you can do this manually by typing out the text, it’s tedious and can take a long time. There’s a better option for letter recognition from a screenshot — the Instabase Converse app.

Previously, companies have relied on optical character recognition (OCR) to recognize text in images. Now, companies like Instabase combine OCR with AI to achieve more accurate text recognition and provide additional capabilities to support processing needs after text extraction.

Here’s a closer look at how to use Instabase for letter recognition from screenshots. 

Instabase AI Hub offers a set of ready-made AI apps to help you do more with your data using less time and effort. By making AI more accessible and user-friendly, Instabase AI Hub enables anyone to use AI to improve the way they work, with no prior knowledge or coding required.

Converse is part of the Instabase AI Hub and can be used to start a conversation with documents. Upload documents, PDFs, images, and other files, then tell Converse what you want to do through natural language prompts. For example, you can extract text from an image, turn data into tables, or perform calculations on a receipt. 

To recognize and extract text from a screenshot with Converse, follow these simple instructions.

1. Go to and open the Converse app. Log in to your Instabase account or create a free one. 

2. Upload your screenshot by clicking on the “Add files” button in the bottom-left corner.

3. Using the conversation box in the bottom-right corner, tell Converse to extract the text. In this example, we uploaded a screenshot of a video presentation and asked Converse to extract the text under the “Fuzzy Matching” heading.

4. Hover your mouse over the white box containing the output to bring up two options. You can copy the text by clicking on the overlapping squares icon, or you can export the text as a .txt file by clicking on the arrow.

The days of manually extracting text from an image are over. Instabase puts the power of AI in your hands, allowing you to grab text from a screenshot or any image and use it however you want — no technical expertise required. 

Turn Screenshots Into Editable Text in Seconds

Use Instabase Converse to recognize and extract text from screenshots.