Introducing Encipher Why a Hackathon? Encipher a Huge Win/Win

Introducing Encipher

Encipher centered on inviting India’s most innovative tech talent to navigate through a series of “unsolvable” coding challenges tied to the Instabase platform. Women from 123 colleges in India joined the event, which focused on coding for automated applications.

Encipher began December 21, 2021. It invited top female coders to compete in a series of challenges. There were 2,777 women who began the journey in Stage 1, where participants completed an initial evaluation challenge. Of those, 640 passed “Cliff 1” on Coding Fundamentals. Only 57 made it past “Cliff 2” on IB Code Pro. In the remaining stages, 36 participants were identified as having the most creative solutions, and 26 had the best solutions.

Why a Hackathon?

Hackathons are fun, challenging events that attract many of the top coders from around the world. For Instabase, it offered an opportunity to recruit top talent while also promoting the company’s diversity and inclusion initiatives.

By using Instabase-related challenges, the company gained direct insight into the abilities of the participants to code and problem-solve with the company’s innovative platform.

Encipher a Huge Win/Win

The Hackathon received very favorable reviews from participants and it was highly successful for the company from a recruiting standpoint. Seven talented engineers received and accepted internship offers from Instabase.

Participants enjoyed the challenges and were intrigued by the opportunity to join an innovative workplace. Here are a few comments from this year’s participants:

The journey was very exciting at every cliff. Different skills were required and tested in each cliff of the Hackathon, like Data Structures, Algorithms, Problem Solving, Machine Learning fundamentals, overall presentation skills, etc. Advancing through each cliff helped me boost my confidence and made me more inquisitive about the upcoming rounds…I was overwhelmed when I saw my name as the winner of the hackathon on the leaderboard. The feeling was surreal, and it enhanced my confidence to feel better prepped for the upcoming crucial juncture of my life, ‘my professional career.

Ishita Jain

Making it to the finale was a great achievement for me. What made it a worthwhile experience was Instabase’s support from registrations through to the culmination of the event. Clear communication on timelines, expectations, and timely query resolution is foremost for any student attempting a virtual hackathon. With Instabase’s clearly laid out process and continuous support, all participants were set on the road to success. This will be an indelible memory for me, which tested and improved my capabilities. The finale brought out the best in me and I am exhilarated to be a part of Encipher.


Presenting in front of a panel of professionals sounds nail-biting, but this was definitely an experience that I will never forget. Before the presentation, the panel made me feel very comfortable, and I could deliver my presentation in confidence. For me, it reflected the positive culture of Instabase which I am excited to enjoy during my upcoming internship.


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