Guide to Retrieval-Augmented Generation vs. Fine Tuning
Learn the difference between retrieval-augmented generation and fine-tuning and when it’s best to use each method to improve the performance of your large language models.
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Chat With Documents: How to Use AI to Get Answers Fast
Learn how Instabase makes chatting with documents easy and accessible to anyone, including teams and enterprise companies.
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Using AI and OCR for Letter Recognition From Screenshots
Learn how to use Instabase Converse to identify and extract text from screenshots.
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How to Convert PDF to Google Doc: 2 Free Ways
Discover two faster, more flexible methods of converting PDF files to Google Docs than copying and pasting.
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How to Extract Tables From Images for Free
See how to use Instabase’s generative AI to easily extract tabular data that’s trapped in images.
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Handwriting Recognition: Benefits, Challenges, and the Role of AI
Programmatically turning handwriting into digital text is challenging due to its variability, but AI is now making it easier.
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How to Extract Tables From PDFs Using 3 Free Methods
Learn how to easily extract tables from PDF files with Instabase and other tools, and figure out the best method for you.
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How to Calculate CAGR Using AI
Complex calculations, like compound annual growth rate, can be done in seconds with Instabase’s AI-powered apps.
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How to Extract Text From PDF: 3 Free Methods
Learn how to quickly extract text from PDFs using Instabase’s AI-powered Converse app.
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