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Automatically understand, extract, analyze unstructured data, and generate information from any data source with unparalleled accuracy.

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How it works

See how Instabase can help you harness unstructured data to streamline manual processes, make faster, more informed decisions, and power the next wave of intelligent applications.

Understand any document

Harness the power of anything that flows through your business: PDFs, images, spreadsheets, presentations, emails—even handwriting.

Customize in seconds

Describe the data you want and our AI finds it—no annotation or model training required. Enable anyone to easily extract tables, fields, text, visuals, and more.

Automate confidently

Verify results against a range of quality checks and business rules to maximize good data, minimize bad data, and automate more data.

Build AI apps to understand data and automate workflows

Easily solve your unstructured data problems with Instabase. Combine state-of-the-art models with custom business logic, and keep humans in the loop for ultimate accuracy.

Embed content intelligence into any system

Integrate game-changing AI into your products, services, and workflows. Leverage APIs to interact with and query files or run batch workloads, all at scale.

Publish your apps to industry leaders with AI Hub

Get your apps in front of the world’s largest enterprises. We’ll take care of security, compliance, and procurement, so you can focus on building.

Multimodal AI understands more than just text

Instabase enables large language models to understand rich layouts and visuals across any file format, so they provide accurate answers based on the full picture, not just the text.

Solve complex problems without hallucinations

Instabase’s LLM engine is optimized to query large corpora of data, taking an agent-based approach to solving complex requests. It grounds answers in your data and shows you exactly where it found them, so you can avoid hallucinations.

InstaLLM delivers market-leading performance

Instabase’s native large language model, InstaLLM, is built to understand all kinds of business documents across industries. Plus, you can also use GPT models from OpenAI.

Leading the way in AI privacy, security, and trust

Complete control over your data

Maintain full control over your data, including where it’s stored and processed. You can even connect your own cloud storage.

Enterprise-grade security

Our comprehensive security program spans administrative, organizational, technical, and physical safeguards and is designed to comply with leading global frameworks.

Continuously monitored, always available

Rest assured with 24/7 uptime, committed SLAs, and a global team monitoring the heath of your deployment.

Accelerating value across every industry

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Join thousands of users unlocking unstructured data with Instabase

Leverage the same AI application platform trusted by the world’s leading companies. Instabase works for everyone, from individuals and teams to the most highly regulated global enterprises.