Transaction Disputes

Revolutionize the process for collating, understanding and assessing disputes across debit and credit card journeys. Remove friction and empower operators to serve customers faster.

Triage, assess and resolve transaction disputes at scale
  • Reduce average handling time
    Process disputes faster by freeing up operations agents to focus on assessment rather than data transcription.
  • Cut out leakage from the process
    Avoid leakage in the disputes operations process by automating data extraction and validation.
  • Improve customer experience
    Serve customers faster with reduced back-and-forth. Be right the first time, and eliminate lengthy disputes backlogs.
Building Blocks
  • Split Up Packets
    Identify where one document starts and ends in large messy packets and split out accordingly.
  • Detect Duplicates
    Compare data points to an existing source of truth in real-time to identify duplicates or errors.
  • Extract Information
    Pull out key information from variable documents needed to enable assessors.