Trade Finance

Speed up trade by automatically understanding complex trade documents. Check requirements, reduce hand-offs, and fuel growth while controlling cost and risk.

Supercharge trade by eliminating manual review in operations
  • Boost competitive service
    Deliver a higher quality service to customers with increased transparency and speed.
  • Transform the cost base
    Underwrite more trade by decreasing manual review costs and, scale the business without increasing the operations overhead.
  • Deliver for customers faster
    Confirm documents, reduce hand-offs, and understand information without waiting for manual review.
Building Blocks
  • Classify incoming documents
    Detect which documents clients have submitted and ensure that all required documents are present for processing
  • Understand Letter of Credit instructions
    Identify the contents of SWIFT MT700 messages to auto-populate a requirements check-list.
  • Extract content from supporting trade documents
    Extract key data from supporting documents, such as Bill of Lading, Bill of Exchange, and Commercial Invoice.