Policy Management

The policy admin system performs ratings, provides quotes, binds, and issues the policy. It is also used for endorsements and renewals. Remove remaining manual steps in policy management to reduce error rate and expenses, and decrease handling time by automating steps such as the policy check.

Automate policy management and review
  • Reduce onboarding times
    Enable clients to join your business faster and improve time to value.
  • Reduce errors & omissions
    Reduce errors in policy checks and underwriting slips processing
  • Improve customer experience
    Provide the final policy faster and execute easily on endorsements
Building Blocks
  • Extract information
    Extract key information across complex policy documents, underwriting slips, and binders
  • Compare documents
    Detect differences between the binder and issued policy, or between the underwriting slip and the issued policy
  • Change terms and coverage
    Execute on endorsements or seek & replace unfavorable clauses