Mortgage Processing

Close the loop on mortgage transformation by tackling the manual processes beneath the surface. Enable underwriters to focus on assessing risk and making decisions to grow the mortgage book without growing costs.

Transform the mortgage experience beneath the surface
  • Empower underwriters to make robust decisions
    Eliminate manual review and back-and-forth with documents, pre-populate lending systems so that underwriters can focus on assessing risk.
  • Grow mortgage lending without scaling costs
    Issue new loans without increasing manual review costs, scale the business without increasing the operations overhead.
  • Deliver for customers faster
    Provide applicants with decisions on their new home at pace, overcome competition and close more business.
Building Blocks
  • Split Up & Classify Application Packets
    Automatically split and classify large document packets into their individual segments.
  • Extract Information
    The real world is messy. Documents submitted as part of lending journeys are often highly variable and unstructured. Automatically extract key fields for underwriters require to make decisions.
  • Validate Output & Flag Targeted Review
    Assist operations agents by flagging only the fields that require an extra check, and ensure that errors are captured robustly upfront.