Insurance Submissions

Transform the submission process by unlocking data trapped in messy and unstructured loss runs, exposure schedules, and submission documents. Reduce error rate, decrease handling times, and increase the capacity of underwriters.

Automate submissions packets
  • Reduce quotation times
    Enable underwriters to price faster from weeks and days to mere hours
  • Scale growth without costs
    Increase the number of submissions underwriters can handle without having to hire more.
  • Price more accurately
    Reduce input errors that lead to incorrect pricing or longer processing times
Building Blocks
  • Detect missing documents
    Digitize documents and classify their type upfront, enabling you to inform customers of anything missing
  • Split document packets
    Submissions are lengthy documents. Split concatenated documents that are submitted in a single packet into separate component parts, and classify by type.
  • Extract information
    Submission documents such as loss runs and exposure schedules are highly variable and can be of low quality. Automatically extract required key fields without being restricted to templates.