Client Servicing

Serve existing clients with ease through automated document understanding. Reduce friction and deliver faster outcomes with lower costs.

Seamlessly serve existing clients without the manual back-and-forth
  • Serve clients faster
    Reduce friction for clients and execute on their needs at pace by removing dependency on manual review
  • Scale growth without costs
    Increase the number of new clients you can serve without associated manual costs.
  • Improve customer experience
    Serve customers faster, be right the first time and reduce hand-offs.
Building Blocks
  • Understand client instructions
    Extract key data from unstructured documents to trigger actions downstream, such as changing addresses, updating details and adding signatories.
  • Validate information
    Verify that data submitted by clients meet predefined rules or matches with internal/external sources.
  • Trigger automated action
    Alert customers, update the relationship manager or refresh the CRM with data submitted in documents.