Client Onboarding

Streamline end-to-end client onboarding with automated document understanding. Eliminate manual review, reduce onboarding times, and comply with regulation at scale.

Unlock trapped data in complex client onboarding documents
  • Reduce onboarding times
    Enable clients to join your business faster and improve time to value.
  • Scale growth without costs
    Increase the number of clients you can serve without increasing associated manual costs.
  • Improve customer experience
    Serve customers faster, be right the first time, and reduce hand offs.
  • Detect missing documents
    Digitize documents and classify their type upfront, enabling you to inform customers of anything missing
  • Split document packets
    Split concatenated documents that are submitted in a single packet into separate component parts, and classify by type.
  • Extract information
    Extract key information across onboarding documents, such as share registers, incorporation certificates, and tax returns to populate downstream systems.