Medical Claims Processing

Transform the claimant experience and extract more value by unlocking data trapped in messy and unstructured claim documents. Decrease handling times, identify claims that qualify for reimbursement correctly, and reduce the cost base.

Automate the manual review holding back the claimant experience
  • Increase coders productivity
    Automate the validation of medical records and extraction of demographic info
  • Increase coders’ reach
    Enhanced ability to identify adjustable conditions in complex medical records
  • Improve customer experience
    Serve customers faster, be right the first time, and eliminate claim backlogs
  • Split Up & Classify
    Split document packages and classify them for faster processing
  • Extract Information
    Claim documents are highly variable and often low quality. Automatically extract required key fields without being restricted to templates.
  • Identify adjustable conditions
    Scan through complex medical records for procedures that qualify for reimbursement.