Bordereaux Processing

MGA, MGUs, Carriers, Reinsurers, TPAs, and other partners exchange updates on claims data in the form of bordereaux (BDX) reports. Due to high variability and lack of standardization this is frequently a labor intensive and manual process. Transform the bordereaux process by automating the extraction of relevant fields from complex variable BDX reports to reduce processing time and expenses and increase insights & control.

Automating Bordereau Processing
  • Reduce processing time
    Automate the extraction and standardization of relevant fields from complex BDX reports
  • Increase capacity
    Enable adjusters and actuaries to focus on insights, performance, and control of claims performance rather than rote tasks
  • Reduce expenses
    Reduce dependency on BPO and increase control
Building Blocks
  • Extract Information
    BDX documents are highly variable and often low quality. Automatically extract required key fields without being restricted to templates.
  • Compare & Review
    Compare BDX reports from different industry participants and review for errors and omissions
  • Improve Reporting
    Deliver higher quality reports to regulatory and tax authorities more timely, and have more control and insight over performance