Instabase for Financial Services
Financial Services providers handle large volumes of unstructured data across business lines as part of several client journeys. These unstructured documents require manual processing and data extraction. Instabase helps to easily access data trapped in even the most complex and variable documents to automate end-to-end workflows.
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Use Cases
How Financial Services organizations are using Instabase
Account Opening / Consumer Onboarding

Customer documents like Passports, Drivers Licenses, Proofs of Address, Employment Letters are highly variable and unstructured.

Instabase automatically digitises KYC documents, extracts and validates required data to then pass on to further downstream systems (e.g. CRM, Client Portals), to reduce processing time, save costs and improve customer experience 

Mortgage Lending

Income and identity documents like Payslips, Bank Statements, create bottlenecks in mortgage origination journeys as their variability means they need to be manually reviewed.

Instabase automatically splits up document packets, digitizes, extracts and validates borrower data from documents, enabling underwriters to focus on risk assessment and decision-making to grow the mortgage book without growing costs.

Consumer Lending

Payslips, Bank Statements, Broker Statements, Tax Returns and other income verification documents require manual review, and slow down time-to-decision and time-to-cash in consumer lending.

Instabase automatically splits up document packets, digitizes, extracts and validates borrower data from documents, allowing lenders to achieve a streamlined underwriting process with faster decisions, lower costs and more scalability.


Documentation involved in account closure and customer offboarding is highly variable and difficult to acquire, amidst a stressful business process.

Instabase helps bereavement teams automate extraction of data from complex documents, to provide compassionate, prompt service to those whose loved ones have died, while reducing monthly redress and its attendant costs.

Retail and Consumer Banking
Retail and Consumer banks use Instabase to process documents across KYC, Account Opening, Lending and others to enable their employees to spend more time in value-added customer engagement
  • Account Opening / Consumer Onboarding
  • Mortgage Lending
  • Consumer Lending
  • Bereavements
Client onboarding and KYC

Documents such as Certificates of Incorporation, Board Resolutions, Company Returns, Tax Registration certificates, Directors Lists, and others, in the commercial onboarding process are inherently unstructured, requiring extensive manual review.

Instabase automates extraction of data, validations across both external and internal sources, for both the company and associated individuals, to help streamline the onboarding process. Banks can thus have clients join their business faster, speed up time to value, and ensure compliance and regulatory adherence.

Commercial Lending

Commercial lending involves a number of complex documents and significant underwriting risk. Fast decisioning and customer experience is critical in retaining market share in this highly competitive space.

Instabase automatically extracts complex data and tables from several unstructured documents in the origination and underwriting process, to reduce the time underwriters spend on costly, manual processes and help them spend their time on risk assessment instead.

Small Business Lending

Documents to establish credit-worthiness of small businesses like bank statements, tax returns, registration certificates, passports, invoices, etc. have a high degree of variability and slow down lending decisions.

Instabase automatically extracts data from these documents to speed up lending decisions, helping banks efficiently scale up accounts, provide an excellent customer experience and become a trusted partner for small businesses.

Remediation & Compliance

Several document types with high complexity require to be reviewed under stringent deadlines in large-scale remediation programs, for regulatory and compliance reasons.

Instabase helps compliance and remediation teams meet regulatory requirements in a timely manner by automating extraction and validation of unstructured data, without the need to hire manual workers to meet deadlines.

Business and Commercial Banking
Business and Commercial Banks use Instabase across Onboarding, Lending, Payments, Compliance, and Client Service use cases, creating competitive differentiation, better risk-management and enhanced customer experience.
  • Client onboarding and KYC
  • Commercial Lending
  • Small Business Lending
  • Remediation & Compliance
Trade and Settlement Instructions

Transaction instructions for payments and settlements such as SWIFT, faxes, emails, are received in enormous volumes by banks, often in unstructured and unpredictable formats.

Instabase offers the ability to understand, act, and reconcile these trade and settlement instructions at speed, helping banks reduce the risk of fraud and error, and reduce manual processing in captial market businesses.

Contract Comparison

Legal contracts that outline terms and conditions of transactions, funding arrangements, and other deals often refer to specific interest rates, regulations, and other variables that can change over time. Manually comparing contract versions is time-consuming and costly.

Instabase uses powerful deep learning capabilities to help investment bankers and lawyers quickly and accurately review documents, reducing risks associated with contract changes that could impact the deal, and speeds up the process of closing deals.

Structured Finance

The plethora of complex documentation in Syndicated Lending, CLOs, ABS / MBS, and other structured finance transactions needs a huge investment of time from bankers and lawyers to just access the required data. 

Instabase automates the extraction of data even from long, complex legal contracts — giving back time to bankers and lawyers to better manage transaction risk and client discussions.

Mailroom Automation

Communication in several forms including physical mail, emails, web forms, faxes, and other forms of written communication requires to be processed and actioned by large enterprises in a timely manner.

Instabase helps mailroom professionals automate understanding of incoming documents across all channels, classify, digitize, prioritize them, and extract relevant information from these unstructured data, reducing errors and operational costs in the process.

Capital Markets and Investment Banking
Investment Banks use Instabase across onboarding, trading, operations, and investment processes to unlock the immense value of unstructured data trapped in highly complex documents in Global Markets and Banking businesses
  • Trade and Settlement Instructions
  • Contract Comparison
  • Structured Finance
  • Mailroom Automation
Account Opening

Documents to prove identity as well as proof of ownership and value of assets, including passports, share certificates, broker valuations, fund valuations, LP and GP agreements and more are highly unstructured documents that require processing during account opening.

Instabase helps asset managers automatically understand variable unstructured documents, to onboard investors faster, while also automating compliance, reducing manual processes, and scaling the business without a corresponding scale in operational costs.

Investment Instructions

Capital Calls, Initial Subscriptions, Redemptions, Private Investment transactions, Fee schedules, and payment and settlement instructions, are complex documents that Investor Services teams deal with in large volumes, for information about the investor, the investment, and the terms and conditions governing the pledging of funds.

Instabase can help automatically extract and validate data from these to give fund administrators a simple way to reduce operational costs and risks, while still providing a superior customer experience via faster execution of transactions.


Timely, accurate, and comprehensive reporting, both for investors and regulators, is the cornerstone of Asset management and administration services. However, unstructured data trapped in complex documents makes this task onerous, time-consuming, and error-prone. 

Instabase can help with highly complex reporting requirements in use cases like Look Through reporting, ESG reports, portfolio valuations and investor reports, etc, by automatically extracting and validating required data accurately and rapidly.

Portfolio Insights

True value addition for clients comes from leveraging data to derive insights, predict trends, enhance returns, and better manage portfolio risk. Investment managers leave huge value unaccessed because the required data is trapped in unstructured, complex documents. 

Instabase can help automatically extract data, both structured and highly unstructured, rapidly and accurately, to offer the basis for investment managers to derive powerful insights that drive better decisions.

Asset and Wealth Management
Asset Managers and Investor Services use Instabase to unlock the power of vast amounts of data they receive, to differentiate themselves in a competitive environment and create value for their clients through better customer experience, higher returns and lower risk.
  • Account Opening
  • Investment Instructions
  • Reporting
  • Portfolio Insights
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